BLINKING LED Glowing eyes (Blue, Red, White, Green ,Yellow ,Pink , Orange), Headpiece, Cosplay Glowing eyes, Super Hero Eyes.

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BLINKING Glowing eyes for your cosplay/costume

-You can control blinking frequency by turning the indicator. (use any small flat item to do that)

-This can be blinking or not blinking eyes.

-I make-to-order LED accessories for a glowing eye effect. 

-Many colors; Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, and white.  DM 

-The LEDs are bright and can be visible during the day or night. 

-SMD LED’s have a long lifespan, up to 100,000hrs! 

-LEDs run off a single battery which last over 85+hours! Battery is included.

-Band and wires is flexible in order to conform to your head.

-The LEDs are pointed away from the eyes, in order to not harm your vision.

-I Left The battery holder exposed for easier access to on/off switch.

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